Automated Task Generation

WinREO is designed first and foremost as intelligent tasking software, generating linked tasks based on property and sales type, data entered, tasks completed, and your own customized client rules.

Built for REO, Standard and Short Sales

Built for all sales types for real estate offices of any size, WinREO comes loaded with pre-set workflows that automatically trigger when you set the sales type for a new listing. Customize the workflow by adding or removing tasks and task requirements.

User and Property-Specific Calendars

WinREO's calendars provide quick reference for upcoming deadlines, meetings, or other events. Regular users can see their own items while administrative roles can see everything going on at the brokerage. Property calendars narrow the criteria to a specific property, giving the agent a clear picture of what's needed to move the listing.

Integrated With Your Email

Never misplace an important email again by managing your account through the WinREO portal, allowing you to quickly and easily assign emails to specific listings and stages in the sales process, helping you stay organized and protected.

WinREO, Your Way

Customization is where WinREO really stands out. Specific tasks, task sequences, task assignments and deadlines, among others, can be written, adjusted, and assigned to specific users, clients or property types. There are countless ways to make WinREO exactly the solution you've been looking for.

You Make the Rules

Would you like a special task to open any properties assigned by Bank XYZ? How about properties assigned by a specific person at Bank XYZ? Does a neighboring town require documentation of property sales that others don't? Be as simple or complicated as you'd like and let the system work for you.

Free Training and Set-Up

After signing up, we will help you create user accounts for your office staff/agents, add your properties, and set up custom rules and tasks you would like the system to incorporate into your workflows. And you're also always welcome to join in on any of our webinar trainings. Best of all, they're free!

Detailed Reports

WinREO's reports cull data from all of your properties for quick and easy reference. Track BPO changes over time, compare all offers on a property, check the status of your properties from one page, and much more. It's your brokerage at a glance. That's the power of WinREO.

Upload to the Cloud

From property photos to loan approval letters, with full photo and document upload support, you will always have what you need at hand. Minimize delays and enjoy an additional layer of back-up with WinREO.


Every task has the option to add a note to supplement or explain certain changes. Copy in email messages for even more comprehensive data keeping. Histories stay with the tasks and combine to form a narrative on the property pages.

Mobile App (Coming Soon)

WinREO goes with you even more easily with our mobile app. Quickly and easily look up property data, check your calendar, or set tasks for your team wherever you are. Built-in contact management makes connecting with buyers, vendors and clients a breeze.

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